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The Narratives

The narrative and headlines of virtually every media report since the release of the video have included the inference that Ahmaud was simply a “Black Jogger” murdered by white vigilante racists in a predominantly white neighborhood. Let’s call this NARRATIVE #1.  I ask that you bear with me while I share two other narratives, one real and the other merely supposition but worth considering. We’ll call these NARRATIVE #2 and NARRATIVE #3.

NARRATIVE #2: “Twice convicted felon with history of mental illness killed following struggle over a shotgun.”

NARRATIVE #3: “Man with mental illness kills two men (maybe three) with a shotgun.”

Every word of NARRATIVE #2 is 100 percent true. I submit that NARRATIVE #3 is equally plausible based on what is known about Ahmaud’s mental health diagnosis of Schizoaffective Disorder, the same mental health diagnosis the mainstream media has either minimized or ignored completely in reporting this story. To learn more about Schizoaffective Disorder click here.

Would my husband, son and Roddy be rotting in jail if the media had chosen to report this tragedy as NARRATIVE #2? Would I be pleading for support if the media had reported it as NARRATIVE #2? Or would Ahmaud have used his mental health diagnosis to defend his actions in support of an insanity defense if NARRATIVE #3 had become a reality?

In the following weeks, I’ll be updating this website with facts and other information, including photos, videos and other evidence that has been marginalized at best and suppressed at worse by global media outlets, government prosecutors and groups and organizations with agendas that have nothing to do with this case.

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