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Every family has troubles that we work through in life.  Our family is no different.  Struggles with finances, mostly the result of significant health problems, had been near constant in the years before that terrible day in February 2020. Greg had suffered two heart attacks and a stroke, and he was getting around on an artificial hip. I was diagnosed with cancer when Travis was 17. I feared the outcome, but God had a different plan and I survived what was what I thought would be the darkest period I would ever experience. I have been cancer free for 19 years thanks to my wonderful medical team and God’s grace.

Travis’s son was just three on that warm February day, and even though the little guy is growing fast, his place in the McMichael family is undeniably the most important reason for continuing this uphill fight. Travis testified in the state trial that during the struggle to keep Ahmaud from gaining control over the shotgun, his mind was on his son and his fear that he might grow up without a father. But a false narrative driven by mainstream media, coupled with a concerted effort by hate-driven folks to intimidate and threaten anyone who shows any interest in hearing Travis and Greg’s story, has, to this point, succeeded in seeing that this little boy will still grow up without his dad.

My faith in God is the reason I believe that I will, with your help, bring my son and husband home. Thanks for hearing our story. Please donate if you can.

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In the following weeks, I’ll be updating this website with facts and other information, including photos, videos and other evidence that has been marginalized at best and suppressed at worse by global media outlets, government prosecutors and groups and organizations with agendas that have nothing to do with this case.

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